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  • Long Pepper Wikipedia

    Long pepper Piper longum , sometimes called Indian long pepper pipli , is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning.Long pepper has a taste similar to, but hotter than, that of its close relative Piper nigrum from which black, green and white pepper are obtained. .

  • Birds Eye Chili Wikipedia

    The bird's eye chili plant is a perennial with small, tapering fruits, often two or three, at a node. The fruits are very pungent. The bird's eye chili is small, but is quite hot piquant . It measures around , , Scoville units, which is at the lower half of the range for the hotter habanero but still many times more spicy than a jalape o..

  • Cabai Rawit Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia Ensiklopedia Bebas

    Cabai rawit atau cabai kathur, adalah buah dan tumbuhan anggota genus Capsicum.Selain di Indonesia, ia juga tumbuh dan populer sebagai bumbu masakan di negara negara Asia Tenggara lainnya. Di Malaysia dan Singapura ia dinamakan cili padi, di Filipina siling labuyo, dan di Thailand phrik khi nu.Di Kerala, India, terdapat masakan tradisional yang menggunakan cabai rawit dan .

  • Nfnlp International Directory I P

    To locate members in other locations, use the drop down menu boxes. This directory is maintained quarterly as we receive updated information from our members..

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